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da 30 novembre 2012


  Big Bite Bangkok: The December Edition

Street food e beneficenza

Una organizzazione di carità che si occupa di dare sostegno alla realtà povera ed emarginata di Bangkok.

I’m a little food obsessed…
… I’m not one of those people who loves to study it scientifically, neither am I particularly skilled in the kitchen, but I love to EAT.

Knowing that, you’ll find it no surprise I’m making a stronger effort lately to link my passion for enjoying food with raising the necessary funds to feed and house the families I support over at In Search of Sanuk.
Feed and be fed I say!
That’s why for the third time, we’re again organizing Big Bite Bangkok this December the 9th, 2012. If you’ve never heard of Big Bite, it’s basically a small tasting fair that we do in the parking lot of the Maduzi Hotel. We get lots of people there from 11am to 2pm who make great food and get them to feed the hungry Bangkokians who show up.
There’s free samples or ‘big bites’ at each stand and you can buy what you’d like to take home. Entry is free, but we ask for donations which are in turn used for the same purpose, feeding people!
Invite your friends and help us spread the word.
This will be the biggest one I’ve ever organized so far. You wanna come early and come hungry because this time the lineup includes a few favorites from past events, but mostly a new cast of restaurants and otherwise hard to find food producers.

Here’s my tips on what to look out for at Big Bite Bangkok this December:

* Equilibrium.

Be on the lookout for a chance to fill a plate both with gluttonous goodies and plenty of healthy and vegetarian options. I’m talking baby pig in a bun, Christmas cookies, and sweet Dutch stroopwafels doing battle with veggie burgers, organic vegetables, and couscous.

* More alcohol.

American craft beer from Beervana, moonshine for the brave, the return of Thai style cocktails, support from Mekhong Whiskey and even a little wine making an appearance.

* Hard to find food.

Be on the lookout for vendors who tell you they don’t have a restaurant AT ALL and remember to support them! Remember the names of restaurants who HAVEN’T OPENED yet and that you were among the first to try their food. Gastronom? Appia? Never heard of them? You will.
Here’s some of December’s participating vendors:
Birds in a Row
Adam’s Organic
Moker Karamella
Chu Chocolate Cafe
Vietnamese & More
BKK Bagel Bakery
Good Food 4U BKK Vegetarian
Your Place Cafe
Maison Jean Philippe
TWIST Juices
Bartender Coffee & Cocktails
With sponsorship support from:
Maduzi Hotel
Mekhong Whiskey
World Foods

by Dwight Turner

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